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Project "Viva La Música"

It is our belief here at La Catrina Coffee that the fine arts are an important part of the educational system. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has made it more difficult than ever for children to have access to music education, so La Catrina Coffee is on a mission to help support those children out there with “big dreams” who may not have the financial support to pay for music lessons, instruments, or other related necessities To help foster the love of music in children, $1.00  from every bag sold of Viva La Música coffee, La Santa Rosa (Viva La Música Volume I) and La Luz de Colombia (Viva La Música Volume II), will go to help support various avenues of music education.  

We are proud to announce that our first Viva La Música partnership will be with 

South Texas School of Music in Penitas, Texas!!

For every one hundred bags sold of Viva La Música Coffee, La Catrina Coffee will Sponsor one child's 8 week music program at South Texas School of Music!

Classes at STSM are held both online and in person. 

We have obviously taken notice of all of the great things that STSM has been doing for both aspiring musicians, and our community. La Catrina Coffee can not wait to help support the music education of many children to come!

Please Like us on Facebook to get updates on our Viva La Música sponsorship program, and to find out more information on how to enter a child that may benefit from this opportunity!  

Live Life and Drink Coffee my friends!!  Amor y SALUD!!   




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